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The global partner of wedding & event florists

At Elite Floral Supply, we understand the essence of a good and reliable partner for the delivery of your flowers. Elite operates worldwide, and distinguishes itself with the best quality flowers and exceptional service. 

As a leading international player, we are proud of our partners, projects and relationships. Every time, we will therefore go to the extreme to get the project right and meet all your requirements.

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Sourcing the best flowers

We source sough-after blooms, focus on quality and organize all desired flowers. EFS has years of experience in importing the greatest treasures worldwide for the best floral experience.

Worldwide Logistics Made Easy

From Maldives to Milan, entrust logistics to us! We handle transportation flawlessly worldwide, ensuring impeccable care throughout.

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Reliable Fixed Pricing

With transparent and reliable pricing, find security in your order. We can quote prices far in advance, this allows you to fully focus on the wedding or event.

Partnerships with Personal Service

At EFS, we believe in building trusting relationships. We strive to make your buying process as a Wedding & Event Florist as effortless as possible.

What we do

Discover our 5-step process, carefully crafted to bring you the most beautiful flowers. From understanding your preferences to delivering the final product, we ensure a seamless and magical floral experience.

Step 1

Personalized Consultation

Your journey begins with a personalized consultation, where we listen to your preferences and needs. Our expert team will guide you through a wide range of varieties, colors, and availability, ensuring your vision comes to life.

Step 2

Top-Quality Flower Selection

At Elite Floral Supply, we start by carefully selecting the finest flowers to match your vision. We focus on getting the best prices without compromising on quality.

Step 3

Seamless Logistics

While we source your dream flowers, our dedicated team takes care of all the logistics. We coordinate supplies and streamline deliveries to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Step 4

Packed with Care

After we gather all the selected flowers, we carefully pack them according to your specifications. Our team ensures that every bloom is handled with care so they arrive in perfect condition.

Step 5

Perfect Delivery

Finally, our reliable logistics partner ensures your flowers are delivered exactly when and where you need them. Your special moments are ready to unfold!

Delivering flowers to hotels around the world

Get beautiful flowers for your hotel with Elite Floral Supply. Join as a partner hotel to start ordering. We deliver worldwide to enhance your space's luxury.

How it all started

Back in 2018

Elite Floral Supply was started out of a passion for flowers. Our passion lies in sourcing flowers globally, monitoring the market and providing you with the best service.

It started in 2018 with a global flower wholesale business with which we supplied florists and wholesalers. Soon we were also supplying florists specialised in Weddings & Events and discovered this special world.

Now, 5 years later, we have founded Elite Floral Supply with which we specifically want to supply this market. By focusing entirely on this market, we can supply you better.

We monitor the market, visit growers & suppliers on a daily basis and maintain good relations with logistics operators. This means we can always react quickly and have a priority position in organising the sought-after flowers and logistics.

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Want to find out if Elite Floral Supply is the right fit for you? Download our brochure to discover more about us and our services. Fill in your email address below and you’ll receive immediate access to the brochure. 

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